We Ride On Sundays

This photo blog is the extension of "Father and son" ( http://toolsjapan.blogspot.com/ ). All of the photos here are taken by myself and my buddies during our Sunday rides. The riders here are my family, friends, and myself. Many of us don't compete anymore but we still love to hang out with each other every Sunday to practice. I'll add photos randomly but will try to start with older pictures because I'm having problems sorting out my iPhoto... Stunts here are done by very skilled riders and can be dangerous or fatal if followed or imitated especially by new bikers... Will be adding more pics, ENJOY!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010



  1. Whoaaa, i really think that this game is much fun than the bra game...hehe..

  2. I think the bra game is still more fun than riding but since you've mentioned the bra game, next time I'll ride with a red bra on my face to protect me from the dust :)

    ... AND I'll be more fun if you can join us. You'll be our riding muse :)